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Get involved. Become a member, volunteer or donate to Navarino Nature Center.

Who are we?
How did Navarino start?
What going on now?

Navarino Nature Center accepts:  cash, check, credit or debit card (*)

(*) Note: Applicable fees of 2 – 4% may apply to use of credit / debit cards.

Navarino Nature Center (NNC), is a private, member supported, 501c3 non-profit located on the 15,000 acre Navarino Wildlife Area (WDNR).  Nature center staff and volunteers work to provide environmental education and outdoor recreational opportunities to Northeastern Wisconsin.  


Navarino Nature Center works incooperation with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR).


Established in April 1986 by a group of  residents concerned about ecology and environmental education.  In January of 1987 in cooperation with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) a site was selected on the 15,000-acre Navarino Wildlife Area.  A parking lot, well, amphitheater and cabin were added in 1990.


In 1999, a 40 x 70 Educational facility was built allowing the nature center to have a all-weather facility for programs.   Programming increased from 1999 to 2008 increasing the number of offerings beyond school and public programs to include: summer camps, group offerings (4-H, scouts, etc.), early childhood facilities and health care centers.  During the fall of 2008 the nature center broke ground on a Green Building / Renewable Energy facility helping to increase the educational offerings to the surrounding communities.  The Renewable Energy Education Complex was completed in 2009.  (See Renewable Energy for more details).


Current projects center around improving educational support and offerings, improving physical access for all individuals, citizen support and promotion of the nature center and programs.


Ways that you can be help.  Please consider becoming a member of Navarino Nature Center, contribute financial or nonfinancial support, and spread the word about Navarino.


Your support is critial to adding a second full time naturalist on staff.


In 2016, the ADA boardwalk was completed that takes visitors across the pond, and work continues on a quarter mile trail through the prairie and along the forest. More interpretive panels and information will be added to the completed trail.


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