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Winter Recreation at Navarino Nature Center

Navarino Nature Center is the perfect winter escape location for those who love the outdoors and are looking for something in the winter to do.


Being located on a state wildlife area, there are NO fees to use the trails. Donations are always appreciated and there are various donation canisters located in the ski trail parking lots to help off set the cost.



Navarino Nature Center offers both cross country ski and snowshoe rentals. Rentals are only available for use on the Navarino Wildlife Area and only during the Nature Center's office hours (Tuesday - Saturday). Rentals may not be available at some instances if staff is involved with a program. Rentals can be paid for by cash, check, or credit card.

Fees for Rentals (per person):

Cross Country Ski Rentals include shoes, poles, and skis.

Kids (Under 15): $5      Adults: $10

Snowshoes: Kids (Under 15): $3     Adults: $5

Cross Country/ Skate Skiing:

Navarino Nature Center staff and volunteers work very hard to groom and track the cross country ski trails. Trails are typically groomed right after an impactful snowfall (Accumulation of 4-5 inches) or once the trails are established with a strong base (~12 inches) about once a week. Trail conditions can be found on the Nature Center's Facebook page, this website, or on

Snowshoe Group.jpg


Navarino Wildlife Area has designated trails for snowshoers to use. We advise snowshoers to stay away from the ski trails as best as you can to prolong the enjoyment for the skiers. If you must cross or use the ski trails to access another trail system, please DO NOT step on the double tracks and walk in the smooth packed areas either to the side or in the middle depending on how the ski trails are groomed.


If you wish to hike in the winter at Navarino Wildlife Area, please hike on the snowshoe trails. DO NOT hike on the cross country ski trails. Same as the snowshoers, if you must cross or use a ski trail for a short while, please stay off the double tracks.


Dogs are welcomed at Navarino Wildlife Area in the winter. We have designated dog walking trails for you to use. These are also the same trails that the snowshoers use. It is a state rule that dogs are NOT allowed on groomed ski trails. If you must use a ski trail to cross over or get to another trail, the dog must be under control or leashed to stay off the ski tracks. So please be respectful and walk your dogs in the right areas. Please see map link above or call the Nature Center at 715-758-6999 for more info.

Dog trail -- winter.png


Follow the trail off of the upper parking lot around the buildling and you will be guided to our sledding hill. If parking in the lower parking lot, follow the trail past the kiosk towards the swing sets and you will be at the base of the sledding hill. The sledding hill gets faster the more people use it! NNC staff and volunteers work hard to pack the sledding hill after snow falls, but cannot always promise due to conditions. The sledding hill does not have a rope system to pull you up, but those that use the hill say it sure is fun! So come and visit NNC and see the sledding hill for yourself this winter season! Open for use even if the nature center is closed.

sledding hill.jpg

**Please note that Navarino Nature Center works hard to improve the trails on the Navarino Wildlife Area. Please be respectful of our trail systems and property in general as Navarino is a multiple use property.

Conditions are always changing in the winter seasons. Feel free to contact NNC for the most current and up to date conditions.

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