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How can you help out?       There are lots of opportunities at Navarino.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please fill out brochure, and mail to or make an appointment with: Tim Ewing,  Navarino Nature Center, W5646 Lindsten Road, Shiocton, WI  54170. Phone: (715) 758-6999.


Volunteers have been the backbone of Navarino Nature Center since the beginning in 1986.  NNC Members volunteer their time and talents to help promote natural resources and education in a variety of areas.    


We invite you to share some of your talents with NNC as an . . .


Volunteer Positions:

The following describes many of the opportunities that we have at the Navarino Nature Center.

If you have other interests, ideas, or special skills that you would like to share with us, please let us know. We will work together to develop a project that is meaningful and mutually beneficial.


Volunteer Naturalist  --  (Working with School Groups)

Working with the Naturalist teaching students about our natural environment, wildlife

and habitats.    Educational programming is primarily designed for school age children

with an activity based approach. Facilitators will become involved in session set-up

and/or presentation of material.  Most help is needed in the Spring and Fall.

Training will be provided.      


However — Volunteer  Naturalists are also needed to work with:

 — Nursing Homes                     — Special Needs Groups

— Early Childhood                      — Senior Citizens


Hours: A person in this position must be available weekdays and occasional weekends. Our busiest periods are February (snowshoeing), late April through early June for Spring groups,  July to August (Summer Camps),  September to October Fall groups Hours may range from 6 to 24 hours per week, depending on an individual’s personal schedule and availability. Program schedules are preset in advance and will be available for planning purposes.



Special Events

Volunteer to help with special event such as our Fun Run, Open Houses, and other seasonal events.   

Volunteers will assist in various positions related to the events.   Must be able to work well with others

and the general public, and flexible to work in different event areas.  

Examples-drive a tractor on a wagon ride, build bird houses/ feeders, crafts, food, games, registration, 

water station, and office support.

Knowledge Required:   Desire to work with others, patience, love for the outdoors, and flexiblility

Hours:  Generally weekends or evenings, some preparations during the week.


Office Support

Help staff with the creation of NNC brochures, newsletters, media contacts, and displays.   Generally no more than 2 hours at a time, during the week;  especially needed during newsletter cycles.



Bird Survey

Do you like birding?  Why not assist NNC in an annual bird survey of the habitats on the Navarino Wildlife Area.  This is also a great way to get to know your birds.  

When:  Generally late May to early June  from 5:30 am to 9 am, can be during the week or weekend depending on participants.



Flower Gardens

Help maintain, plan and plant flowers and shrubs in the memorial and butterfly gardens.



Building and Grounds Maintenance

Mow the NNC grounds, fix picnic tables, and participate in NNC volunteer work-night activities. 

Duties will include but not limited to: lawn mowing, weeding around the center and gardens,

feeding the birds, cleaning of exterior windows and doors, staining, and painting projects.

Volunteers should be familiar with general lawn and garden tools. Training will be provided.

When:   Couple of hours weekly and volunteer work dates.  Usually held once or twice each month,

depending on projects that need work and help.



Banquet and Fundraising

Help the Banquet Committee in soliciting items for the Banquet.  Work the night of the NNC Banquet manning raffles and drawings to help raise funds.  Banquet committee starts meeting in June through September, wrapping up with the annual fundraising banquet: raffles, live and silent auctions and dinner.  Help on the committee to get items and plan out the banquet, must be flexible and able to work with others.


Trail Steward and Maintenance

Walk the trails on the Navarino Wildlife Area and report any down trees or hazards to the Nature Center.  Help the DNR and NNC to clean and trim trails on the wildlife area.


Cross Country Ski Trail Groomer

Assist staff with the grooming of the 12 miles of trails on the wildlife area.  

Contact Tim for more details.

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