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Renewable Energy &

Green Building

located in the PDF brochure

The Renewable Energy Education Addition at Navarino Nature Center displays and demonstrates green ideas and design.  Renewable energy systems heat, cool, light and generate electricity: geothermal, passive solar and solar photovoltaic.


Conservation and energy efficiency are behind the ideas incorporated in the design: a high performance building envelope, low-toxin paints and materials, energy efficient windows and lighting, water efficient plumbing fixtures, recycled materials and locally produced sustainable materials.


Why go Green?


In a world of rising heating / cooling and electrical costs, we need to conserve and lessen our footprint.  Navarino Nature Center, cooperating with the  Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, want to model conservation in our nature center. This building will not use fossil fuels to heat and cool, and during periods of the year produce more electricity than it uses.  Providing students and the public with a  renewable energy education facility, which also helps the environment by reducing air and water pollution and the production of green house gases.


  • Features included include:

  • Passive Solar Heating & Cooling

  • High Performance Building Envelope

  • Interactive Displays

  • Cool Daylighting & Advanced Lighting

  • Photovoltaic Power (Solar Cells)

  • Geothermal Heating & Cooling

  • Recycled and Sustainable Materials

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