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Senior Safaris

Senior Safari programs are opportunities for seniors to get out and experience the outdoors at Navarino Nature Center. This program works with senior groups, assisted living facilities, and individuals who want a new opportunity to enjoy nature. This can be through building presentations or outside programs. Senior Safaris can be catered to the groups desires.

Programs Include:

Senior Safari


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History of Navarino

Duration: 1 hour

Everything has it’s own unique history and Navarino Wildlife Area is no different. From logging, to steam boats, and so much more, this program focuses on the history of the Navarino Wildlife Area.
Presentations can focus on one of the following topics or be presented in a series depending on the audience.


Topics Include:

  • History of the Wolf River: Steam Boats

  • Navarino Logging

  • Farming Days of Old: The Start of the Wildlife Area

Feel free to call and talk to a naturalist to cater this program to your audiences desires.

Birding from your Window

Duration: 1 hour

Many people look outside their windows and wonder what that bird is, and many do not have guides readily available. This program is a great introduction to birding with an interactive multi-media program that focuses on ways to identify birds by using their calls, coloration, and other characteristics such as beaks, feet, feathers, and bones.

All binoculars, spotting scopes, and guides are provided by Navarino Nature Center. Otherwise, feel free to bring your own.

Marvelous Mammals

Duration: 1 hour


Marvelous Mammals provides a variety of opportunities for participants to explore mammal furs, mammal tracking, the history of fur trading in Wisconsin, or even how to identify animals by examining their bones.

This is a wonderful, hands-on opportunity that brings participants closer to nature and Wisconsin's native mammals.

Prairie Life

Duration: 1 hour


Discover what it is like to stand in the middle of a tall grass prairie with grasses 8 ft tall. 


Explore and identify the various types of grasses and flowers that make up our prairie. 


Help to collect seeds.  Look for tree frogs, caterpillars and insect galls.  Learn about the history, management, and wildlife of the prairie.


Sensory Awareness

Duration: 1 hour


What was that smell? Can you  identify it?  How does this item feel? Soft or hard, rough or smooth. 


Participants try to identify various items using their senses.


One hour: $4 per person / $75 minimum

Two hours: $5 per person/ $100 minimum

Please call Tim or Kaylee at (715) 758-6999 to get more information or to book a date

Wisconsin's Butterflies

Duration: 1 hour


Learn about Wisconsin’s native butterflies, what makes them unique, and what you can do to attract more or create a space that butterflies will love. You will be surprised how easy it is.


Duration: 1 - 2 hours

View migrating waterfowl, wildlife, and scenery on a wagon ride through the Navarino Wildlife Area. Along the way the trolley will make various stops to talk about items of interest at those areas. Tours are available focusing on a variety of topics: bird watching, prairies, fall colors, forest management, and many other viewing opportunities.



$10 per person (minimum of 10 people, maximum of 15)

*Accessible to individuals with physical limitations


Requires at least two weeks notice to confirm availability of equipment

Available from May through October


Please call Tim or Kaylee at 715-758-6999 to discuss your groups trolley experience and to book a date

Programs for all Ability Levels:

Trolley Rides

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